Estate Sangiovese

The Winery and Vineyard

Locati Cellars' estate vineyard lies near the center of the Walla Walla Valley. The vines are planted in one to three feet of wind-blown loess that overlies deposits of sand, silt, and gravel from the famous Missoula floods. During the 12,000 years since the last flood, the Walla Walla River has been hard at work, removing the Missoula flood sediments from its valley. This erosion has created the present valley floor topography, which consists of stream channels separated by hills, ridgelines, and terraces.

The elevated and sloping topography of Locati's vineyard allows cold air to drain away from the vineyards towards the fields below and the southwestern aspect focuses solar radiation onto the leaves and soil. The roots of the vines reach down through rich silts and well into the sediments of the Missoula floods, which are comprised of a complex suite of rocks and minerals derived from the ice age glaciers. The soil is well-drained, allowing for precise control of irrigation water in the semi-arid Walla Walla Valley. Over a century of Locati farming experience and knowledge goes into producing Locati fruit. Nature can't help but produce its finest with this combination!

Our winery is located near the airport in Walla Walla, overlooking wheat fields. Our wines are produced by Jason Fox, a graduate of the Institute for Enology and Viticulture at Walla Walla Community College.

Our Estate Vineyard

  • Estate Sangiovese early Spring

    Sangiovese in Early Spring 2013

  • Estate Sangiovese Summer 2014

    Sangiovese vines Late Summer2013

  • Estate Sangiovese

    Estate Sangiovese Early Spring2013

  • Fox dragging Locati wine

    Even Foxes Love It 2013

  • Harvest Barbera

    Our James Jamperti Harvesting Barbera 2013

  • Training Sangiovese

    Training Sangiovese 2013

Estate Vineyard Statistics

  • Sangiovese6.5 acres
    Clone VCR-6 (Brunello)
  • Barbera2 acres
    Clones 2 and VCR-15

Varieties Produced

  • Barbera
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dolcetto
  • Nebbiolo
  • Orange Muscat
  • Pinot Gris
  • Primitivo - red and dessert style
  • Sangiovese - red and rose
  • Tempranillo